Overview and scientific goals

The Laboratory of Neurobiology is specialized in the study of the canine and the feline neuromuscular diseases. Like humans, dogs and cats are affected by neuromuscular diseases, i.e. diseases of the muscles or of its motor innervation. Whether they are consecutive to a genetic defect or to an injury, these diseases are very often perfect replications of the human affections. Thereby, these animals, with a physiology close to humans, represent relevant models to understand human diseases and to develop therapeutic strategies.
Our works are performed to the benefit of the veterinary and the human medicine. To achieve our goals, we undertake a responsible research where cares and treatments of animals go with the quality of the scientific results. 
To heal the human and the animal…
Studies of the laboratory directed by the Professor Stéphane Blot, carry on the hereditary animal myopathies, also called spontaneous myopathies to indicate that they are not experimentally induced.