The Laboratory of Neurobiology is equipped of:

- a specialized animal house with a confined zone (level A1 and A2)
- a platform of therapeutic assays allowing to administrate the various medications by intramuscular or intravascular way. This is a confined zone (L1-L2) furnished with all suitable equipments needed (table of surgery, monitor of anaesthesia and ventilator, brightness amplifier, angiography equipment, pumps for pressure injection, etc.)


- a cell culture  room dedicated to the preparation of the cellular medications
- a platform of evaluation to check the administrated treatment efficiency. This allows to conduct functional explorations (clinical score, accelerometry, recording of the muscle force in vivo) and histological analyses.


In addition, the laboratory acquired recent tools for the data storage (CLOVIS software for the clinical and paraclinic data), analysis softwares (analysis of Visilog and radiographic images) and digital video cameras allowing to supervise the clinical state of the animals (anaesthesia exit, births) and to quantify their motor activity and/or their behaviour.